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If fear of putting on a few extra pounds with a high-calorie diet, was not a ‘real thing,’ then calorie trackers wouldn’t have come into existence.

But again, there is a fine line between leading a healthy lifestyle and reducing fat deposition. This is precisely where weight loss supplements come into the picture to help us strike a balance.

Truth be told, I was pretty active a few years back, but since I started juggling between two jobs, it’s hard to make time for regular exercise. Luckily, while looking for natural ways to improve my metabolism and lose a few pounds, I came across PhenQ, a natural dietary supplement.

Hi, I’m Sally Cromer; and in this guide, I’ll be giving you an unbiased review of the PhenQ supplement that I have been taking regularly. 

So, let’s move to the following sections to understand the nitty-gritty of this PhenQ supplement!

What Is PhenQ?

PhenQ is a premium weight loss supplement that was formulated by the Wolfson Berg company. It has been designed to be better than most diet pills that are available in the current market. This regimen is hailed to be a ‘new generation fat burner,’ which can help you tackle weight loss with a natural stack of ingredients.

Moreover, this supplement can provide visible loss of weight while it brings out a healthier state of body and mind for the user.  Even though PhenQ is new to the market, it has drastically grown in popularity and gained a lot of positive feedback during the initial months of its release. This is because the PhenQ formula is relatively simple and free from complex ingredients. 

The pill works to speed up the metabolic rate in the body, and when you maintain a healthy lifestyle, there is a positive impact on the fat-burning process. And the best part of it is that the stack of ingredients can suppress your appetite, improve your mood, and boost the energy levels, all of which helps in weight loss. 

How does PhenQ aid in weight loss?

PhenQ can generate all the benefits that you might be expecting from a weight loss supplement. Most of the ingredients that have been used are capable of helping you lose weight, either by increasing energy level or by directly impacting the metabolism.

In addition, most of the ingredients promote the absorption of several nutrients in the body, and this unique trait helps you lose weight.[1] Since the pill also contains fiber, it brings relief from poor digestion, which is one of the primary causal factors of weight gain. 

And PhenQ also improves your mood, which makes you more positive while working out. This is mainly because some of the ingredients in this supplement promote healthy mental processes and also nourishes the brain. However, to notice such benefits, you need to incorporate a healthy lifestyle, which means regular exercise and a clean diet with probiotics like Bio-X4.[2]

What is PhenQ made of?

Here’s a list of some of the essential ingredients that are used for improving the efficacy of this weight loss supplement:


This active ingredient is the main component that highlights the effectiveness of the PhenQ weight loss supplement. The α-LACYS RESET® helps to strike a balance between the production as well as the neutralization of free radicals. And this is accomplished because it activates an aerobic metabolism in the mitochondria.

This active ingredient not only burns the excess fat deposits but also helps in building muscle mass. And when there is increased growth of muscles, one’s body tends to appear more fit. 

In short, the main benefits of this special ingredient are:

  • Aids in detoxification
  • Improves mood
  • Increases energy levels
  • Reduces the signs of fatigue

2. Calcium Carbonate

According to several clinical studies, when the diet is rich in calcium, it helps to reduce fat and weight gain. This is because calcium carbonate can burn down the excess fat deposits in the body. It sends a signal to the brain that your body doesn’t require the fats stored, that in return, reduces the appetite and makes you feel well-nourished.

3. CAPSIMAX Powder

This is a blend of several different powders, with the main ones being- capsicum, caffeine, piperine, and niacin ( Vitamin B3). The CAPSIMAX powder increases the internal body temperature, a process known as thermogenesis. This again improves the metabolic rate, which works wonders in inducing a fat-burning process.

4. Caffeine

One of the most common ingredients used in weight loss supplements is caffeine. It does an excellent job of increasing energy levels and keeps people more focused and alert. 

This helps in curbing the signs of fatigue and exhaustion, which tend to arise when you’re on a weight loss diet. Additionally, caffeine increases the body temperature and keeps you full for a longer duration. Because in the end, a low appetite should be helpful you’re trying to lose weight.

5. Chromium Picolinate

This weight loss supplement contains chromium picolinate that can resist the urge to consume refined sugar and other carbohydrates. It also allows the body to absorb an acceptable amount of sugar, which brings in satisfaction while controlling the unhealthy sugar cravings. And this process helps in keeping the blood sugar levels normal.

6. L-Carnitine Fumarate

This is an essential amino acid that aids in creating more energy by converting the stored fats in the body. While it boosts energy levels, it helps to fight against fatigue and exhaustion. 

7. Nopal (Cacti)

This is a rich source of fiber and amino acids, which means you won’t face any issue related to constipation. The high fiber content in nopal cactus can detoxify the body by improving your bowel movement and also ensures that you feel full for a longer time. 

Nopal even works to boost your energy levels, which will keep you feeling more productive throughout the day. They also aid in flushing out the excess body fluid that helps in preventing weight gain due to water retention. Which further tones the muscles, and makes you look fit. 

What are the benefits of taking PhenQ?

1. Stops the production of fats

PhenQ pill contains several active ingredients, which prevent fat build-up and weight gain. The body stops storing excess fat because this supplement enhances the liver’s ability to convert carbohydrates into fat. This again helps to reduce cravings and aids in weight loss. 

2. Burns the excess fat deposits

With daily consumption of carbohydrates and minimal exercise, the fat starts to deposit in the form of a thick layer. And now, burning these layers of fat deposits is not an easy task. 

But the ingredients in PhenQ can target these specific areas and help to melt them gradually. And such changes are possible because the supplement improves the body’s metabolic and thermogenic rate. Moreover, when the body temperature rises, it tends to maximize the fat-burning potential. 

3. Appetite-suppressant 

It’s a common fact that most of us generally have issues with our cravings, especially when we’re trying to lose weight. The cravings for unhealthy junk foods and an uncontrollable appetite are the main shortcomings that we experience. And this is where PhenQ comes into the picture to help you tackle these issues.

The PhenQ pill suppresses hunger, while it makes room for faster digestion and fat melting. Furthermore, you’ll be hungry only when your body needs food for real, and the portion size also needs to be controlled to excess calorie consumption.

4. Boosts energy levels

You must have noticed by now that slimming diet programs lead to lower energy levels, fatigue, and exhaustion. But thankfully, PhenQ pills contain ingredients that help to combat these symptoms and keeps you feeling more energized. This explains why even after being on this weight loss schedule, you won’t feel exhausted or tired at the end of the day. 

5. Improves the mood

PhenQ is packed with ingredients that can uplift the mood and prevent severe mood swings. After all, the mood is considered to be an essential parameter when it comes to staying dedicated to your regular workout sessions. Many times we don’t feel like exercising, and this is where stimulants work and help you stay motivated. 

My experience

After years of living an active lifestyle and having a fit body, I could feel a difference when I stopped working out. And this was because I couldn’t make time for a workout in-between the hectic schedules. It gradually got worse after I had my first child two years ago, and all that baby weight had hampered my physical appearance.

On top of that, I started feeling uncomfortable in my own skin, and my confidence level had hit rock bottom. This was when I began looking for ways to lose weight. Fortunately, I found a review on PhenQ, and before placing an order, I consulted a doctor to ensure that it would be safe for my health. And since I wasn’t breastfeeding any longer, it was considered to be a smart move.

However, I found it best to stick to two pills every day, to prevent any issues related to excess stimulants. And as I was taking the pills regularly, I tried to remove all junk foods from my diet, and I made sure to exercise at least four days a week. 

After about six weeks of following this weight loss regime, I successfully managed to lose 15 pounds. That’s quite good, wouldn’t you agree? 

The blend of ingredients in this supplement is perfect because it triggers weight loss holistically. PhenQ not only burns the excess fat deposits but also improves energy levels and mood. In the end, the results are quite satisfying if you stick to the plan without giving up. 

PhenQ before & after

How to take PhenQ?

You just need to take two pills when you start using this supplement; one pill after breakfast and the other one with lunch. It’s always advisable to read the instructions carefully and stick to what is recommended. And I say this because this supplement contains a high dose of caffeine, and other ingredients, which help increase your energy levels.

Thus it is best to avoid taking this pill after 3 PM. Moreover, when the sleeping patterns are disrupted, the body starts to gain more weight, and you’ll also find changes in your energy levels. 

As a note of caution, if you’re sensitive to caffeine, you should limit your coffee intake while you’re taking this pill along with other beverages that have caffeine. 

Why opt for PhenQ?

Unlike a vast number of weight loss supplements, PhenQ is known to be 100% safe. Even though it contains a pretty large dose of caffeine, you can prevent the negative effects of stimulants by managing the dosage timings. And there aren’t any notable complaints by any of the users, so it’s safe to say that the blend of ingredients is quite well-balanced.

PhenQ also makes a good option if you’re looking to take advantage of all the benefits that caffeine offers, by ensuring that you’re not sensitive to it. Moreover, this supplement is covered by a money-back guarantee of 60 days. 

So, you can recover the amount invested if there are no signs of weight loss within the given duration. And refunds are offered unconditionally, all you have to do is return the empty bottles.

But you need to follow a healthy diet to see positive results. In addition, there are no complaints related to refunds, which shows their excellent customer service. Overall, if you’re thinking of trying out this supplement, then you can safely go about placing your order. 


  • Burns the excess fat and calories
  • Boosts your physical energy levels
  • Controls the appetite
  • Stabilizes mood and makes you feel more positive
  • Reasonable price range


  • Not suitable for pregnant women and minors
  • Caffeine content may cause nausea and nervousness

Final words

Every product that you see across the aisle has its own set of positives and negatives, but you should weigh it out according to your health. And the same is applicable for PhenQ, which can help you lose weight without hampering any other parts of your body. 

But this is just a supplement, so you cannot expect to see drastic changes until and unless you level up your fitness game and include a healthy diet. Nevertheless, the weight loss journey with PhenQ will also make you look good and feel good, inside and out.

With that being said, I have come to the end of this guide. And I hope it has helped you understand whether this product is going to give you the results that you’re looking for. 

Till next time!