Cider Pairing Menu, $7 per plate:

Cheese plate: Spring Brook Farm, Tubby & Firefly Farms, Cabra La Mancha, with pickled blackberries, honey hazelnuts (Suggested pairing: Farmhouse Dry)

Clams with raspberry cocktail sauce (Suggested pairing: Raspberries & Brett)

Jerk Chicken Thigh, ginger aioli (Suggested pairing: Hop Ciders)


Featured Cheese: Burrata, fermented fennel, hazelnuts, black sesame, lemon balm 13


Marinated Olives (gf/df) 5

Cherry Tomato Bruchetta 8

Tomatoes, blue cheese aioli, everything spice, sunflower seeds (gf) 14

Spicy Thai Cabbage Salad, herbs, fish sauce, peanuts (gf/df) 10

Shaved Broccoli Salad, red onion, serranos, lemon, Piave (gf) 12

Sauteed Corn, chipotle, cherry tomatoes, celtuce, goat feta, cilantro (gf) 10

Fillet Beans, beef fat, garlic, anchovies, fermented chilies (gf/df) 9

White Pepper Pappardelle, rabbit ragu 17

Moilee Curry, mixed squash, jasmine rice, cilantro (gf/df) 17

Maryland Scallops, cherry tomatoes, New Bay beurre blanc 18

Beer Battered Soft Shell Crab, chipotle cucumber relish, cilantro lime crema 18

Jerk Chicken Leg, ginger aioli (gf/df) 12

Smoked Chicken Breast, rhubarb sauce (gf/df) 20

Duck Breast, fried sweet potatoes, pickled blackberries (gf) 33


Citrus Roulade, mousse, toasted almonds 9

Doughnut, seasonal glaze 5

Vanilla Peach Ice Cream (gf) 5

Rhubarb Froyo (gf) 5

*Please note that this menu does not list all ingredients used in each dish. If you have any allergies or dietary restrictions please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate them.

**This menu is subject to change at any time, and may not reflect the menu being served at any given time. Please contact us to confirm specific menu items3